Each of us has a story about who we are.

But where do those stories come from? How do our stories influence our lives? And how can we tell more helpful, hopeful stories — especially as we navigate the ups and downs of Covid-19?

Jehan Casinader has wrestled with these questions. He’s one of New Zealand’s top TV journalists. He is also a survivor of depression and suicidality. As a speaker and facilitator, Jehan offers a fresh, enlightening perspective on how storytelling can help us to tackle life’s toughest challenges.

He delivers keynote presentations and workshops that are tailored to audiences big and small — from every sector and walk of life. Drawing on the latest research on narrative psychology, Jehan provides, practical tools for Kiwis to rewrite their own stories and achieve their goals.

Popular keynotes and workshops.

  • The Power of Stories: You’re the author of your own story. Learn how to create a hopeful, helpful story that has a positive impact on your mental health and relationships.
  • Lead With Stories: Most leaders can communicate, but not every leader can tell a good story. Learn how to engage the hearts and minds of the most important people in your organisation and community.
  • Tell Me The Good News: We’re drowning in negative, anxiety-inducing information, especially during Covid. Learn how to manage your use of news, social media and technology.
  • Common Ground: Our world feels more polarised than ever. From race, to politics, to vaccination status — it feels like we’re divided. How can we listen to, and empathise with, people who are different to us?

What do clients say?

201787952_4151668804902399_4242622837389621081_n“Having seen the effect his story, and the tools he offers to help people reshape their own stories, had on my Senior Leadership Team, I have no hesitation in commending him as a keynote speaker and presenter of rare talent.” — Marty Grenfell, CEO, Tauranga City Council

“I was absolutely blown away by his professionalism, the sincerity of his message and the power behind it. There’s no better endorsement than the fact that one of our delegates told me how personally he was impacted by Jehan’s keynote speech and that his presentation alone was worth the whole conference registration fee.” — Sally-Anne Coates, GM, EVANZ

“Courageous. Inspiring. Practical. Jehan presented a keynote on mental health to around 400 in-house lawyers at Te Papa. His presence, energy and vulnerability captivated the audience throughout. Real stories of difficult or traumatic situations were communicated with sensitivity and accompanied by deep insights. Lawyers can be a tough crowd, but delegate feedback was off the chart for Jehan’s session. This is a testament to his message and heart.” — Grant Pritchard, President, ILANZ

“When Jehan came to 2degrees, it was our highest-attended wellbeing session to date, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. People described Jehan as authentic, vulnerable, honest and very polished.  His the theme of accountability — and being in control of our own stories — was an eye opener for many. Jehan made the whole experience really easy, and was very adaptable to our changing requirements.” — Elysia Ketterer, Manager, 2degrees

132030963_870705510939354_7215914227528245302_n“Jehan is an exceptional speaker with a unique ability to hold the room. Jehan presented to us during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, his message was timely, honest and relatable. We truly appreciate the kōrero he gave us.” — Lauren Still, Senior HR Advisor, NZX

“For a young man, he speaks with the confidence, skill and wisdom of someone much more senior. His insights will undoubtedly assist people who are coming to terms with their ‘story’, and we were impressed with the way he brought the audience with him on his journey.” — Viv Gurrey, CEO, Property Institute of NZ

“Jehan’s workshop couldn’t have come at a better time and it was incredibly engaging from beginning to end. Jehan’s personal story of his journey to better mental health really connected with everyone — regardless of their own personal experiences. Every organisation in Aotearoa would be better off for doing this workshop.” — Anna Calver, GM Marketing, WellingtonNZ

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